Seth Falk (podcast host)

Seth has always been intrigued by the unique relationships human beings share with animals. As a holistic pet specialist, and Owner of Hands On Exotics he works with rescue animals to promote Animal Assisted Therapy while ensuring each receives enrichment, along with a healthy diet and trusting human interactions. 

Rachel Nicole (producer)

Rachel has always been intrigued by Seth's unique relationship with animals. With a growing interest in new technology she understands the importance of digital, social and creative communication strategies. Rachel has Bachelors in Communications (Journalism + PR), a Masters of Arts & Media and a massive fear of birds. During most days she is the Co-founder of StyleID.

Our Focus

The #zoolife team is dedicated to providing interesting stories, concepts and innovative ideas to our podcast audience. We take the time to research trends and find experts with different opinions to discuss important topics. We're proud of the relationships we've built and look forward to bringing you new stories.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in maintaining an open mind and take all perspectives into consideration. We hand-pick professional and high-quality podcast guests and we support the ethical treatment of animals. We believe in happy and healthy animals; education, awareness and conservation are all important aspects

Our Podcast

Seth and Rachel have always been podcast fans. When they realized that there are no podcast dedicated to getting valuable ideas, interesting research or informative news to zookeepers and animal conversationalists; they knew they had to do something about it!

Each #zoolife podcast will feature interviews with industry leaders who can give you insights into everything Zoological; from ecology, behaviour, innovative zoos and the latest research to the newly developed enrichment programs and interesting zookeeper.

We are a self-funded podcast and depend on support from amazing listeners like you in order to produce engaging content! If you are interested in supporting #zoolife  join our campaign!